deep gloss detail

Deep Gloss Detail

Est: time 1-2 days

(Est:) cost £350


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Service Details

A 2 stage machine polishing process is used to remove swirls and light scratches from paintwork which are caused by improper wash techniques.

Stage 1 - a compound and medium cutting pad is used to remove imperfections (swirls/marring and light scratches).

Stage 2 - is the refining stage where a deep gloss and clarity is added to paintwork

Service list.

Wheel arches washed and decontaminated

Wheels removed and cleaned thoroughly

Multi stage safe wash process using snowfoam, two bucket method, ph neutral wash, lambswool mitts and soft brushes to loosen dirt out of panel gaps, door shuts and badges.

Vehicle dried using deep pile microfibre drying towels

3 stage decontamination using tar remover to remove tar deposits, fall out remover to remove iron particles from paintwork and mild clay bar used to remove foreign impurities from paintwork for a silky finish

Rubber and plastic trim masked up

Paint depth reading taken and reordered

2 stage machine polish

Single layer of synthetic paint sealant and/or carnauba wax applied

Wheel arches dressed to natural finish

All chrome/metal cleaned and polished

Restore and protect wheels with wax or sealant

Exterior glass cleaned and protected with titan window sealant

Exterior rubbers and plastics protected

Tyres dressed none shiney for natural finish

Final inspection and quick detail wipe down

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