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Ceramic Coatings

K5 Ceramic Coating from £200. *

K9 Ceramic Coating from £400. *

Ceramic Coatings.

* This service can only be added when booking the following services. New car protection detail, Light gloss detail and Deep gloss Detail.

Krypton 5 ceramic coatings offers permanent self healing paint protection (3years)

One coat of krypton 5 gives your paint a high gloss and shiny mirror finish A strong hydrophobic easy to clean surface

It is also chemical resistant, uv resistant, thermal resistant, corrosion and oxidation resistant and anti graffiti properties Can be applied several times to create a thicker glass like scratch resistant coating.

 Krypton is a ‘Permanent Ceramic Paint Coating’ which is also Scratch, Chemical, UV, Thermal and Anti-Graffiti resistant.

Once the paintwork has been corrected and Krypton has been applied, you will be left with a High Gloss finish. 

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