Available upgrades

Take advantage of the available upgrades for this service

Ceramic Coating upgrades from £200 - Alloygator alloy protection From £130

light gloass detail

Light Gloss Detail


Estimated time 1-2 days

(Estimated) cost £250

Service list.

Ideal for vehicles  that need a little tlc to bring that novelty back

Ideal for vehicles  less than a month old and paintworks in good condition. Protect your new  vehicles interior and exterior so it stays clean for longer and is easier to maintain

wheels off and thoroughly cleaned front to back with soft brushes, iron fall out remover and acid free wheel cleaners

Wheels thoroughly cleaned front to back

multistage safe wash using 2 bucket grit guard system, snow foam/ citrus pre wash and shampoo ( p.h neutral products), soft brushes to loosen dirt out of panel gaps,doorshuts and badges. lambswool mits and microfibre cloths/drying towels

3 stage decontamination using tar remover to remove tar deposits Fallout remover to remove iron particles from paint work Mild clay bar used to remove impurities from paint work for a silky paint finish

Paint depth reading taken and recorded

Paintwork cleansed via machine polisher (to remove very minor imperfections) and to increase depth of gloss

All chrome/metal cleaned and polished

A coat of canuba wax applied to paintwork giving 3-6 month's protection.

A coat of titan aso4 nano sealant, which leaves vehicle looking glossy with a hydrophobic protective coating. Protects against uv light, bird lime, acid rain and other harsh elements

Exterior rubber and plastics protected

Wheels restored and protected with wax or wheel sealant

Exterior glass cleaned and protected with titan window sealant

Wheel arches dressed to natural finish

Tyres dressed none shiny for natural finish

Final inspection and quick detail wipe down

Upgrade to a K5 Ceramic Coating from £200.00

Upgrade to a K9 Ceramic coating from £400.00

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