Hi Anthony,

The updated website sits on the demo link https://demo.webdesigningplus.co.uk This includes updated cms / updated template / higher php version to enable functions such as the whatsapp chat box (bottom right had side of screen) IT currently links to my whatsapp, but feel free to test it and see how it works.

The website isn’t complete yet so some functions will not work.

Remember I mentioned splitting the form, you can view this here.. https://demo.webdesigningplus.co.uk/book-online.html

This makes the form completion simpler and easier to use for customers, especially mobile users. The valet booking form is functioning and is lightening fast. When a booking is made the user is presented with the details they entered. Try it out and after pressing submit you will see a read out of the info they entered.

The same will apply to the detailing form and ceramic coatings form.

On the front page I have changed the slider images to showcase ceramic coatings. There are some text changes, links and images to sort out along with some visual improvements.

If you want me to go ahead and finish off this updated version the total cost is £48.00. This is separate from the hosting/firewall renewal cost of £42.00.

You need pay the £42.00 asap for the hosting / firewall.

The updated website / cms / template / php version and framework that brings the website up to date along with changes / whataps connect and booking form is £48.00 Which you do not need to pay until it is completed.

Let me know what you want to do once you’ve gone over the new site.