new car detail

New car protection

Est: time 1-2 days

(Est) cost £270


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Service list.

Wheels thoroughly cleaned front to back

Multi stage wash process using snowfoam, two bucket method, ph neutral wash,lambs wool mitts and brushes to loosen dirt out of the panel gaps, door shuts and badges.

Engine bay cleaned & protected.

Three stage decontamination process using tar remover, iron remover and clay bar to remove impurities for silky finish

Paint depth reading taken and recorded

Paintwork cleansed via machine polisher (to remove very minor imperfections) and to increase depth of gloss

Interior windows and mirrors cleaned

Paintwork treated with a coat of titan ceramic sealant and layer of wax

Wheel arches dressed to natural finish

All chrome cleaned and polished

All metal cleaned and polished

Restore and protect wheels with a wax or sealant

Exterior windows cleaned

Exterior rubber and plastics protected

Titan glass sealant applied to exterior glass

Tyres dressed none shiny for natural finish

Final inspection and quick detail wipe down

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