protection detail

Protection detail

Est: time 6-8 hours

From £180


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Ideal for vehicles with paintwork that is already in good condition, but requires a little tlc to enhance, protect and give it a glossy shine.
Benefits of a protection detail are:-

arches thoroughly cleaned

wheels cleaned with soft brushes and acid free wheel cleaner

Multistage safe wash using 2 bucket grit guard system,lambswool mits, snow foam/ citrus pre wash( p.h neutral products), soft brushes and microfibre cloths/drying towels

3 stage decontamination using tar remover to remove tar spots. Fallout remover to remove iron particles from paint work. Mild Claybar used to remove impurities from Paintwork for a silky finish

All chrome and metal cleaned and polished Exterior rubber and plastics protected coat of canuba wax applied to paintwork giving 3-6 month's protection.

Windows cleaned and protected

Tyres dressed none shiney for natural finish

Final inspection and quick detail wipe down


Upgrade - winter protection service

Same as above but the vehicle has two coats of Canuba wax applied instead of one to provide a better long term protection against grit and road salt, that is harmful to your paintwork.

This service is an extra £20

Tinting and wrapping service available by appointment.

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