silver krypton k9

Silver Package.


Up to five years protection

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Alloy wheels cleaned inside and out

Wheel arches cleaned + arch lips checked for cleanliness

Brakes, hubs, suspension, fuel flap cleaned with a neutral warm solution

Engine cleaned with citrus PH neutral cleaner

Doors, bonnet, boot shuts washed/ cleaned

Multistage warm foam/wash using a woolly mitt (2x bucket system with grit guards using a PH neutral wash.)

Dried using ultra plush towels

Air dried round rubbers and water channels

Clay bar the body work to remove any further contaminants

Mask all exterior trim/ rubber on the body work

Asses bodywork, measure paint depth (to ascertain the level of finish available)

Multistage machine correction followed by refinement

Paintwork wiped down with IPA ( alcohol based solution )

Krypton K9 ceramic coating applied to Bodywork, Exterior trim, Wheels and calipers

Krypton K3 topcoat applied

Glass cleaned Polished and treated using Krypton 2

All exterior rubber/trim dressed

Any exterior chrome hand polished

Engine bay dressed

Boot cleaned, vacuumed

Interior glass polished

Interior dashboard, door arms, rubbers all cleaned and dressed

Any leather treated using Krypton 6

All carpets cleaned, wet vacuumed, treated using Krypton 7

Final Inspection

* Time taken approx 3-5 days

* * * * All prices / time taken – will vary in accordance with vehicle size / condition of vehicle to begin with / paint finish